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Building a future with plastics

VERO BEACH -- If a 30-pound spool of bright yellow filament showed up at your doorstep, could you turn it into a crown, a vase, or a flying object?

Vero Beach High School senior William "Taylor" Norman of Vero Beach and his family have a hobby-turned-garage-business that can do just that with the help of 3D printers, computer software and a little bit of imagination.  Read more...

By Jessica Creagan - Hometown News - 2/7/14




Testing their designs

While most high school students are looking just to have fun, Taylor Norman and his dad Brad are building 3D Printers and designing quad, hex, and octo copters to fly up to 400-feet into the air. Read more...

By Cliff Partlow - Hometown News - 1/24/14




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