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Kossel 250 V-Slot 3D Printer - DIY Kit

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 Product Description

Kossel 250 V-Slot 3D Printer - DIY Kit

Nothing quite captures the imagination like a Delta style 3D printer in action.  The UltiBots Kossel 250 V-Slot is a fun kit to assemble and print from.  It has a 250mm heated bed with an aluminum heat spreader and Kapton Heater. This kit uses a PG35L geared motor directly mounted to the effector.  Our Micro Extruder is compact, lightweight, and proven.  It is unlike Bowden Tube style exctruders because the filament is fed directly into the E3D Hot End. Together with V-Slot extrusion and wheels this kit is straight forward and less complicated to build compared to many FFF 3D printers.


  • BETA kit specifications subject to change
  • Print Area = 240mm cylindrical x 235mm Peak Z*** (9.4" x 9.3") MagBall Arms
  • Print Area = 220mm cylindrical x 255mm Peak Z*** (9.4" x 10") Traxxas Arms
  • Useable Print Speed: 150mm/sec (7.9in/sec)
  • X Y Print Tolerance: 0.0125 mm (12.5 Micron)
  • Layer Thickness: 100 – 400 micron depending on nozzle (.1mm - .4mm) (.004" - .016")
  • Supported Filament: 1.75mm & 3mm ABS and PLA plastic filaments
  • Overall Dimensions (WDH): 400mm x 400mm x 915mm (19.7in x 19.7in x 36.0in)
  • Weight: 8kg (17.6lbs)
  • Power Requirements: 110 - 220 VAC, comes with USA power cord
  • Maximum operating temperature: 240C Extruder & 110C Heated Bed

This Kossel 250 V-Slot Kit uses top quality components including:

  • V-Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusions - 700mm (x3) (OpenBuilds.com)
  • Misumi 2020 or V-Slot Aluminum Extrusions - 360mm (x9)
  • Goodwinds 0.230 Inch Outer Diameter Pulltruded Carbon Rods
  • Traxxas 5347 Arm Ends - Standard
  • MagBall Arms Ends - Upgrade
  • Misumi T Nuts
  • E3D Lite6 Direct Hot End
  • Wei Hao 24v 16a Power Supply
  • 200 watt 24v Kapton heater - 240mm
  • Borofloat Borosilicate Glass - 250mm
  • Aluminum Heat Spreader - 250mm
  • GT2 Belts - Open Ended
  • eMinebea PG35L Micro Extruder Motor
  • Kysan NEMA 17 Stepper Motors
  • Azteeg X5 mini 32BIT All-in-one Controller V3 (Panucatt)
  • ViKi 2 Graphic LCD (Panucatt)
  • McMaster/Fastenal Stainless Steel Hardware
  • ABS Printed Parts
This kit in addition, includes:
  • Pre-terminated wiring with braided sleeving
  • 3 endstop kits
  • Extra connectors and heatshrink for customization
  • 2 cooling fans
  • Power cord, receptical, switch & wiring
  • USB 2.0 cable

Optional Upgrades:

NOTE: Non-assembled Traxxas Ends, Carbon Rods, and hardware are included by default. ALSO... limited bed leveling support will be provided if a FSR kit is not selected. FSRs auto-configuration elimates tedius and frustrating manual leveling.

We recommend these other items:

***NOTE: Not all companies publish Z height correctly. Z height varies from the Peak Z to the Perimeter Z. Be sure to research and compare TRUE Z heights. K250VS Perimeter Z heights are 190mm for Traxxas Arms and 180mm for MagBall Arms. Peak Z = max Z height when all carriages are in the home position. Perimeter Z = max Z height when the print nozzle is over the outer perimeter and one carriage is in the home position


Kossel 250 V-Slot ReadMeFirst

Kossel 250 V-Slot on Thingiverse

Kossel 250 V-Slot GitHub STLs

Kossel Gallery of Prints & Printers




NOTE: Printed Parts will be printed from the same ABS filament batch to maintain color consistancy.  It is possible that color differences may occur between Printed Parts and Retail Spools.

 Product Videos

UltiBots Kossel 250 V-Slot Large Print
  • UltiBots Kossel 250 V-Slot Large Print
  • 3D printing TRex skull
  • 3D printing the millennium falcon

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 Product Reviews

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  1. Amazing machine, even better customer support

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Mar 2018

    This 3D printer was a fantastic purchase. I use regularly use it for professional projects as it is reliable and fast.

    Not coming from an engineering or "makers" background, it took some trial and error to get it working and fine printing. However, Brad has always been here for me, giving me wonderful tips and tricks to get it working. Moreover, all the resources he created such as a dedicated Facebook page, the google thread, and the step by step guide were tremendously helpful.

    I highly recommend you to buy your 3D printer kit from Ultibots, and especially a beautiful Kossel as I did!

  2. I'm totaly new to 3D printing and I am so happy with my purchase

    Posted by John on 4th Jun 2016

    Let me start by saying wow! At first I was going to purchase a Chinese Pursa design from ebay for about $300. I researched for weeks and eventually decided to spend the extra money on the 250 V-Slot Delta kit.

    Considering that I do not have any other 3D printing experience to compare it to I'll just explain how things went.

    Mechanical Assembly: If you have a basic mechanical understanding you could practically build this unit just by looking at the photos. However it's always best to use the instructions. While they are not 100% complete and they are more than sufficient to get you through all of the critical assembly steps. Total assembly time was about 12 hours and I was taking my time watching TV and drinking a few beers.

    Pay special attention to the hot end and extruder assembly diagrams. I did manage to strip one of the small M2 nuts on the extruder assembly as well as one of the linear guides. You do not need much force finger tight is good enough in most situations.

    Electrical: While not as intuitive as the mechanical assembly the instructions are done well. The wiring diagram for the controller is just fine. Take your time, double check all connections and you should be fine when you first power up the unit.

    Software: Well again having no experience I found the LCD panel menus simple enough to make my first movements without any issue. I used Pronterface to do the basic GCode test without any problems.

    First Print: I printed the 10mm test cylinder in PLA and it measured almost a perfect 10mm No spaghetti!

    Now for two recommendations: If you value your personal time at more than $15/Hr then spend the extra money to get the FSR calibration kit and the MagBall arms. I didn't know much about either option when I decided to buy but I'm sure I've saved at least the cost of those options in time already and I've only had the unit working for a few days.

    *** UltiBots Added *** Thanks John for the review!!!

  3. I'm fairly impressed.

    Posted by Rob P on 2nd Oct 2015

    Like Joe below, this was my first 3D printer.

    I purchased the kit with all the bells and whistles: metal corners, black anodized extrusions, magballs, fsr, and viki2 lcd.

    Sadly, I ordered a few weeks before the kit switched to E3D hotends, but I have no complaints about the J-Head so far, except that I know that the E3D is slightly easier to put together.

    Ordering/Shipping - Shipped in about a week. Support was very understanding of me needing constant updates on the status of the kitting process.

    Documentation - Very much beta-quality, but totally adequate to get the thing built and printing. Just make sure you read all available docs front-to-back, including the Q&A google doc and Pictures folder in the google drive.

    Setup/config - With Azteeg and FSR, delta calibration/setup is a breeze. You can safely ignore everyone on Reddit telling you to avoid deltas for that reason. I'm really quite impressed.

    Support - Only had reached out to support once during the process for one simple question, but it was answered promptly.

    Prints - They seem quite good. Although I'm seeing much better quality from Cura than the software that's recommended in the build guide, even with print settings as close to identical as I can make them.

    Bottom line - I'm really glad I bought this kit instead of cheaping out on some Chinese clone job.

  4. Awesome printer, great support

    Posted by Joe on 25th Sep 2015

    I ordered this as my first 3D printer. It went together fairly easily, and any questions I had were quickly answered.

    Hardware - Absolutely no complaints. This was a big concern for me when shopping for a printer. Ultibots lists the make/model of all their hardware, so you can investigate durability, specs, etc. This is unlike some of the other companies that sell cheap knock-offs with no specs/support.

    Assembly - For the most part it went together really well. The only change I would make is with the carbon rods - I attempted to tap them, but was not successful. I ended up just gluing them. I've done this for years with R/C planes, and never had a rod separate. I was up and printing in about a week (working only in the evenings).

    Setup/configuration - I did not get the FSRs. The first time I spent about 2-3 hours getting the build plate level and the z-height set. It's been ~2 weeks and I have not had to touch the configuration since. If I had to do it again, I'm confident I could do it in ~1 hour. The only settings I had to change were the extrusion rate, endstops and Z-height. Everything else was set correctly OOTB

    Prints - The prints are excellent. The few issues I have had are from my own inexperience with 3D printers. Prints are sticking great using the purple elmers glue stick.

    Support - Ultibots support was outstanding. I emailed questions/concerns and usually heard back within a couple hours.

    FYI for future builders - A lot of great information is spread around in the Q/A docs. Make sure to read those before starting the build.

    Overall I'm extremely happy with this printer. There are some cheaper kits out there, but the quality of hardware and support make this an easy decision.

  5. Outstanding Customer Service From a Better Time, Perhaps Another World

    Posted by Mark Weston on 19th Aug 2015

    If I could give more stars I would!

    First things first, I am a bit of a bumbler, but this machine built itself. Brad Norman makes himself completely available for any and all questions, and this singularly amazing aspect of his business is one I completely abused. I asked a thousand questions about a thousand silly things and Brad tirelessly answered every one. I think we may have spent hours on the phone, talking not just about the Kossel, but about all kinds of things. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Not only does Brad patiently answer every question, even when the answer was clearly written in the documentation, but he welcomes suggestions for improvement of the product, documentation, add-ons.... you name it. I simply cannot say enough about how wonderful this small company is. When one of the parts supplied proved defective, Brad replaced it free of charge despite the fact that he was under no obligation to do so. He did it because his business ethic demands it. In the future I will always buy from Ultibot. Always always.

    Oh, and the machine? Fantastic. After calibration and some extremely geeky calibration overkill, I am getting better prints on this machine than I get from the 15k to 30k machines available to me at the university. No hyperbole. This machine is the real deal. Prints are fantastic, the machine looks completely professional, and the delta motion is completely hypnotic. Love it!

  6. First printer, went great!

    Posted by Dave on 17th Aug 2015

    Got a loaded Kossel 250 with FSR and magballs as a birthday gift. it was my first printer, and although assembly was a bit tough (the instructions are definitely always evolving) i got it together with a little help from Brad. My first prints came out looking pretty awesome! I missed out on the Azteeg upgrade by a month, so i can only imagine the printer is even more awesome now!

    Again, this was my first printer! the FSR definitely helped smooth out calibration.

  7. High quality delta printer works great.

    Posted by N Brewer on 12th Jun 2015

    I already have a Prusa i3 and wanted to try a delta printer. I built the Prusa from individual parts I bought on EBay and Amazon, and it took me a long time to figure out how to best mount some items, and a couple of try's to get everything right. I decided to buy a kit for the Delta to avoid some of the trial and error and I'm glad I did.

    The Ultibots kit was very complete and the printed parts as well as everything else was of excellent quality. For example the 24v power supply is much quieter than a similar one on the Prusa I got from Amazon. Assembly took me about 5 days, and I was able to complete it without any support calls, but had to do some online research to get Windows 8.1 and Repetier to connect to the Azteeg board. Everything is working well now and I am tuning the configuration file to overall operation. I've updated to online FAQ file to incorporate the few things I had questions about. Overall, I'm very happy with the printer, which is significantly faster than the Prusa.

  8. The kit was certainly "Beta" in terms of assembly, but complete and high quality

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Mar 2015

    First: Support is RIGHT THERE. No need to feel intimidated, you will get it completed and working as advertised. Second, the docs are still being improved, and still need that. Finally, the kit had every part needed (most clearly labelled) and bagged into relevant build phases. This includes minor incidentals like zip ties, cable wrap, heat shrink, etc etc. If you have a crimper tool and a soldering tool, the kit provides everything else you need to build the printer, and the docs and tech support provide all the information. Once complete, the printer prints VERY well.

    Extremely please with the finished product.
    Extremely impressed with the support when hiccups were encountered.
    Highly recommended. You won't be disappointed.

  9. Awesome kit!

    Posted by Derek Reeves on 27th Feb 2015

    Starting off I would just like to say you will not find better customer support. Brad has always promptly answered any questions that I have had. You will not be disappointed.

    The kit itself was very well organized and everything was labeled. This is a Beta kit so the documentation for assembly has some holes but nothing I couldn't handle. I ordered mine with all the upgrades and boy was it worth it. Mag arms are great for working on stuff or switching out hotends. Fsr's are great after you get them working. I had some trouble with my firmware changing some values for the fsr's so me and Brad spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. Turns out in the pins.h file in the firmware got changed, but other than that I didn't have any major problems. Calibration was tedious (when is it not), but everything else went very smoothly. I had the printer up and printing with descent quality results within a week. Iv had it about a month now and I almost have it completely dialed in. I have ran into some issues, but they have all been user error =|.

    Overall I am very pleased with this kit. I would totally recommend this kit to anyone!

    ps: I am using simplify 3D if anyone was wondering. It is an awesome program once you learn all of the functions. Just be prepaired to do a LOT of test prints to figure out what everything does. Their are a lot of options.

  10. I can't believe it was that easy.

    Posted by Jon Howell on 25th Feb 2015

    This is the first 3D printer I've ever built. I read through the docs ahead of time, and anticipated a long slog of calibration and tuning.

    Not so! My son and I put this kit together in five evenings. It was very complete and well organized, and went together very easily. It is indeed a beta, with gaps in the docs, but I was impressed with how easy it was to put together. We had it printing useful objects five days after we opened the box.

    I ordered it with several of the recommended options, and I'm glad I did: the MagBall arms pop off gracefully when you crash the head during testing, rather than breaking. The FSR kit made calibration and bed leveling embarrassingly easy. I bought PET tape and the acetone bottle to prep my heat bed, and that's probably one reason my first prints were effortless.

    Most of all, the support was top-notch. I went as far as I could without help, then sent UltiBots a monster email with a dozen questions. Brad called me right back, and answered them all, so I was able to continue building that evening.

    Also, I love that UltiBots respects and contributes to the open design and hardware movement that their kit is built on.

    The whole kit-building experience was a pleasure, a perfect intro to the hobby.

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